Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Use Your Mobile To Trade At Scottrade Or Etrade While On The Go

Stock trading has become more convenient with scottrade mobile and E*trade Mobile Pro. You can access live streaming real time quotes and news on your phone wherever you are so that can keep tracking any stocks you are interested in. You not only get quotes but most if not all the available trading tools because mobile trading applications are designed to mimic the same experience you would have visiting the official online stock broker’s trading site. As long as have an account, you will simply need to sign in using the application running on your mobile device that is internet enabled.
At scottrade, you will gain access to advanced charts, analyst ratings, technical indicators peer comparisons and fundamentals. These trading tools are crucial in shaping up your decision so that you can also be able to place your order for trade while on the go. You will find it easy to navigate the mobile site and just do almost everything you would do on the website running on a computer. While using your mobile, you access all the trading tools and your account information for free. Etrade Mobile Pro is free application that was initially available for the BlackBerry users but now is even available for all iPhone users for free. You can use it to log into your account from anywhere where you are using your iPhone.
If you do day trading or swing will appreciate the benefits of scottrade mobile trading or the Etrade Mobile Pro iPhone application. The real-time streaming quotes allow you to closely monitor the stocks and make your decision without delays which can make a lot of difference. You will have an opportunity to make your cash transfers quickly as well as get streaming news and market information. The iPhone application is available for download at the iPhone App Store.

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